Curriculum Vitae (Excerpt)


2011. Ph.D., History of Science, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

2005. MPhil., History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, U.K.

2004. A.B. in History and Science, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.


2015-. Assistant Professor, Department of History, Carnegie Mellon University

2013-2015. Assistant Professor & Faculty Fellow, NYU-Gallatin School of Individualized Study

2011-2013. Lecturer, Department of History of Science, Harvard University

PUBLICATIONS (PDFs of some of these publications can be found in the "Research" section of this website)


(forthcoming with Princeton University Press): Scoring and Scouting: How We Know What We Know about Baseball

2015.The New Math: A Political History (University of Chicago Press).

Selected Reviews: Nature, Science, Journal of American History, American Historical Review, Isis, History of Education Quarterly, Pacific Standard, Mathematics Teacher, Mathematical Association of America Reviews

Refereed Journal Articles

2017.“Knowing By Number: Learning Math for Thinking Well,” Endeavour 41/1 (March 2017): 8-11.

2016.“The Taste Machine: Sense, Subjectivity, and Statistics in the California Wine-World,” Social Studies of Science 46/3 (2016): 461-481.

2016. “Mathematical Superpowers: The Politics of Universality in a Divided World,” Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences 46/5 (2016): 549-555 [with Ksenia Tartarchenko]. Co-editor for this special issue on Cold War mathematics.

2015.“An Officer and a Scholar: West Point and the Invention of the Blackboard,” History of Education Quarterly 55 (Feb. 2015): 82-108.

2014.“The New Math and Midcentury American Politics,” Journal of American History 101 (Sept. 2014): 454-479.

2014. “In Accordance with a ‘More Majestic Order’: The New Math and the Nature of Mathematics at Mid-Century,” Isis 105 (Sept. 2014): 540-563.

2012. “Moneyball and Medicine,” The New England Journal of Medicine 367 (October 25, 2012) [with Jeremy A. Greene and Scott H. Podolsky].

2006.“Robert Woodhouse and the Evolution of Cambridge Mathematics,” History of Science 44 (2006): 1-25.

2005.“Augustus De Morgan and the Propagation of Moral Mathematics,” Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 36 (2005): 105-33.

Essays and Reviews

2017. “Fun and Games,” Science 358/6359 (October 6, 2017). [Review of Game Changers: Stories of the Revolutionary Minds Behind Game Theory by Rudolf Taschner]

2017. “Risky Medicine: How Good Health Became Big Business,” Boston Review (June 5, 2017). [Review of Risky Medicine: Our Quest to Cure Fear and Uncertainty by Robert Aronowitz]

2016. “Quantifying Culture,” Science 354/6308 (October 7, 2016), p. 45. [Review of Living by Numbers: In Defense of Quantity by Steven Connor]

2016.“Facts Versus Fallacy,” Science 353/6299 (August 5, 2016), p. 550. [Review of Truth or Truthiness: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction by Learning to Think Like a Data Scientist by Harold Wainer]

2015.“The Politics of Math Education,” New York Times (December 3, 2015), p. A35.

2015. “Keeping Score: Accounting for America’s Pastime,” Cabinet: A Quarterly of Art and Culture 56 (Winter 2014-2015), 73-79.

2015. “The New Math Strikes Back,”, February 11, 2015.


2017. Dietrich College/A.W. Mellon Digital Humanities Seed Grant Recipient

2016. National Finalist, Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program

2016. Falk Fund for Research in the Humanities Recipient

2016. Berkman Faculty Development Fund Recipient

2013. Harvard Univ. Certificate of Distinction in Teaching (6 time winner; most recently)

2010. Mellon/American Council of Learned Societies Completion Fellowship (declined)

2010. Whiting Fellowship in the Humanities (declined)

2010. Ashford Dissertation Fellowship

2009. Research Fellowship, Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History

2008. Dissertation Fellowship, Harvard University Center for American Political Studies

2004. Cambridge University Overseas Fellowship


2017.“Roundtable: The Rise of STEM: Historical Reflections on an Acronym and its Portent,” History of Science Society Annual Meeting, November 9-12.

2017. Rutgers Interdisciplinary Foundations of Probability Seminar, October 16.

2017. “Workshop: Algorithmic Thinking,” Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society, University of California, Berkeley, May 5-6.

2016. Keynote Address, “The New Math and Mid-century American Politics,” Pennsylvania Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (PAMTE), Shippensburg University, May 11-12.

2016. “Scouting the Body: Measuring Value in Professional Baseball,” History of Science Society Annual Meeting, November 3-6.

2016.“Healthy Numbers in War and Piece,” as part of the roundtable “An American Mathematical Community at War (1941-1945),” History of Science Society Annual Meeting, November 3-6.

2016.“Historical Perspectives on the Common Core Standards,” Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, April 7-10.

2015.“Maynard Amerine, Sensory Judgments, and the Statistical Measure of Expertise,” History of Science Society Annual Meeting, November 19-22.

2015. “Math In/As History,” American Historical Association Annual Meeting, January 2-5.

2015. “The New Math and Mid-Century American Politics,” Research Colloquium, NYU Steinhardt, The Department of Humanities & Social Sciences in the Professions, April 14.

2014. “Descriptive Geometry from Battlefields to Blackboards,” Workshop: Spaces of Science, University of Saskatchewan, September.

2014.“Cause by Number: Jerome Cornfield and Statistical Narratives,” History of Science Society Annual Meeting, November 6-9.

2014. “Borders of Vision: Scouting the Body,” Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, April 9-12.

2014. “The New Math and the Old Cold War,” NYU Jordan Center Conference on “Mathematical Superpowers: The Politics of Universality in a Divided World,” February 27-28.

2013. “Soldiers and Scholars: Descriptive Geometry on the Blackboard,” American Mathematical Society Regional Conference, February.

2012. “An Officer and a Scholar: West Point and the Invention of the Blackboard,” Joint Meeting of the History of Science Society, British Society for the History of Science, and Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science, July.

2011.“Making Mathematics: Models, Machines, and Materialities,” History of Science Society Annual Meeting, November.

2011.“School Textbooks and the Historian,” “Cold War in the Classroom” panel with David Kaiser (MIT) and Tom Conley (Harvard), December.

2008.“Disciplining the Mind: Mathematics as the Cold War Subject,” History of Science Society Annual Meeting, November.