The New Math

In 2015 I published a history of the New Math, focusing on the way we can learn about mid-century American history and politics by analyzing the changing mathematics curriculum. The New Math--in its development, deployment, and eventual demise--made visible the changing politics at mid-century.

For the book, click here for Amazon's page, or here for the University of Chicago Press. (A paperback edition was published in November 2016.)

The book was reviewed widely, including in the journals Nature and Science.

Small parts of the project have also appeared in academic journals, including

"The New Math and American Politics"Journal of American History 101 (Sept. 2014): 454-479.
"In Accordance with a 'More Majestic Order': The New Math and the Nature of Mathematics at Mid-Century" Isis 105 (Sept. 2014): 540-563.

"Knowing by Number: Learning Math for Thinking Well," Endeavour 41/1 (2017): 8-11.

I've also written two op-eds connecting the reform to more contemporary issues:

“The Politics of Math Education,” New York Times (December 3, 2015), p. A35.

The New Math Strikes Back,”, February 11, 2015.

To hear me discuss my research on the new math more informally, here are links to podcasts:

“New Math,” interview with “Us & Them,” West Virginia Public Broadcasting

“New Math: A Political History,” interview with New Books in Science, Technology, and Society Podcast.

“New Math and Midcentury American Politics,” interview with the Journal of American History Podcast.